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Preston Law gives you expert representation and support in responding to any traffic infringement matter.

If you find yourself under suspicion, charged with a driving offence, or facing the loss of your licence, you need expert advice and advocacy immediately. Preston Law will help you navigate the legal maze to arrive at the best possible result.

Loss of your driver’s licence, even for a short period, can seriously impact your life, family, and work.

Traffic Offences

Our litigation solicitors can advise and represent you on traffic, licence and other driving offences relating to:

  • speeding
  • drink driving and drug driving
  • driving while unlicensed, or while licence is cancelled or disqualified/suspended
  • driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle
  • dangerous or negligent driving
  • road rage, predatory driving
  • minor and major vehicle defect notices
  • detention, impounding, and forfeiture of vehicles.

Preston Law will help you make your best case to minimise penalties, fines, and disqualification periods. Our services include:

  • advising of potential penalties, disqualification periods, and fines
  • obtaining expert reports, if required, including pharmacological and crash investigation reports
  • appearing with you and representing you in court to defend or appeal traffic or licence offences.
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Preston Law has acted in more than 300 sentences and work licence applications. We have instructed Counsel and Queen’s Counsel in proceedings for both summary and indictable offences in the District, Magistrates and Supreme Courts of Australia as well as the Court of Appeal.

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