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If you have been injured in a car accident, public place or at work, your life can quickly be turned upside down. At Preston Law, we aim to provide compensation services that achieve the maximum settlement for you in the shortest possible time.

Whether you’re based in Townsville or Cairns our injury lawyers will help you understand your legal rights, entitlements and obligations for making a personal injury claim.

There are strict time limits that apply when making a personal injury claim. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to find out if you are entitled to compensation and if you are within the time period for making a claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring a compensation lawyer?

A compensation lawyer will be able to help you identify whether you are entitled to compensation. When making a claim, we ensure you meet all legal requirements and that you seek to be compensated for all expenses associated with the claim.

For some public liability and worker’s compensation claims, insurance companies will be involved in settling the claim. Our compensation lawyers in Cairns, will handle all correspondence on your behalf and guide you through any challenges they may present.

Making a compensation claim can be an emotional and stressful time for most people, especially if you’ve suffered an injury that has severely impacted you. Our team will guide you through the process, negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, file an appeal.

Do I have to go to court if I use a compensation lawyer?

It is often assumed that if you seek legal services you will need to go to court. However, most of our settlements are negotiated in a conference, rather than in the courts. This can save you thousands in unnecessary legal fees.

What damages can I claim compensation for?

If you have suffered a personal injury, speak to our Cairns Injury Lawyers who will assess your claim to see if you are entitled to compensation.

Generally, you may be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering, any loss of earnings, and past and future medical costs, amongst any other concerns associated with your injury or accident.

Are there any time limits for claiming compensation?

Our advice is to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible. Time limits vary depending on what type of compensation claim you are seeking. For example, car accident compensation claims typically need to be made within nine months, whereas workers’ compensation claims have up to three years from the date of the accident.

However, the sooner you make a claim, the sooner you will be able to be compensated for loss of earnings and expenses associated with your injury.

Why should I choose Preston Law to handle my compensation claim?

Preston Law is a Cairns based law firm. Locally owned and operated, we have been part of the local community since 1991.

We take pride in providing personalised service and expert advice quickly. Every claim is managed by one senior lawyer and paralegal, ensuring our clients know who is looking after them.

With over 50 years of personal injury law experience and a success rate of over 99% in reaching out-of-court settlements, you are in safe hands with our team.

What is the average payout for a personal injury claim?

The amount of compensation can range from a few to hundreds of thousands. Every personal injury claim is unique, depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury and the severity of those injuries.

Safe Work Australia reports that the median amount for Worker’s Compensation between 2019 and 2020 was $14,500, an increase of 180% from the year 2000.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission’s personal injury register indicates that the CTP claims for minor injuries in Queensland is on average $62,400. Naturally, for more severe injuries, the figure increases.

Is No Win No Fee right for me?

No-Win No-Fee means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be charged any legal fees. This can be popular for those who may not have the funds to cover the legal costs upfront.

Throughout the process of preparing and progressing your compensation claim, our compensation lawyers will keep you up to date with any fees that have been incurred. In the event your claim is successful, you will be fully aware of any fees and charges that will be deducted from the compensation received.

Do you have injury lawyers in Townsville?

Preston Law has offices in both Cairns and Townsville, helping people across North Queensland with all types of personal injuries. To speak to our Townsville injury lawyers regarding your compensation claim, call 07 4752 0200.

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