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As the largest team of Government lawyers outside the Brisbane CBD, Preston Law has been providing unparalleled service and advice to government bodies across Queensland for decades.  

We recognise the requirements imposed by theLocal Government Act 2009(Qld) andLocal Government Regulation 2012and combine a commercial approach with our thorough understanding of the challenges that government entities face on a day to day basis.

Our experience will give you the benefit of sound advice which is value for money and which balances that approach with an understanding of real-world practicalities across a spectrum of commercial and other issues.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality service and value-for-money, and we bring a refreshing, contemporary approach to the challenges faced by local governments, statutory bodies, government-owned corporations, and other entities across Queensland.

Our Services

We provide advice on all aspects of Government Law, including: 

  • all legislative frameworks, including theLocal Government Act 2009,Local Government Regulation 2012, Environmental Protection Act 1994, Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982and thePlanning Act 2016
  • risk and compliance; 
  • major infrastructure projects; 
  • procurement and contracting; 
  • property and land tenure; 
  • statutory governance; 
  • statutory enforcement and compliance; 
  • Councillor conduct matters; 
  • administrative law and judicial review; 
  • disputes 
  • copyright and trademark law; 
  • local laws; 
  • training and workshops;

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