Water Rights

We understand that water is a primary, if not the most valuable, resource to your operations. 

We know how to navigate the complexities of water law and the grant of water rights in Queensland. 

Our services

  • Advice on compliance matters under theWater Act 2000,Water Regulation 2016and the various Water Plans applying to catchment areas throughout Queensland;
  • Liaising with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy to obtain licences and other approvals under water legislation
  • Assisting clients with all aspects of water-related transactions, including buying, selling and leasing water entitlements under theWater Act 2000and generally participating in the water allocation market
  • Providing advice on the establishment of large-scale water infrastructure including dams under theWater Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008
  • Assisting clients with applying for funding and investment programs under State Government rural assistance programs

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