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Partnerships are popular for people to collaborate and work together as co-owners in either an investment sense or business sense.

Unfortunately, from time to time these relationships can deteriorate over time to the point where partners can no longer agree on the direction that an investment or business should go in, the relative value of each partner to the venture, or the appropriate time for one or all partners to exit a venture.

Partnership disputes by their very nature are often a combination of both commercial, emotional, and intellectual dispute between partners and require decisive yet sensitive resolution techniques.

In many cases, taking an ill-considered step or position early in a dispute can act to unnecessarily escalate the dispute to an unresolvable status such that litigation becomes inevitable.  Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in advising partners in disputes of all types, irrespective of the nature of the partnership venture.

Whilst we have an exceptional track record achieving our client’s imperatives through litigation, in the vast majority of matters we are able to resolve disputes through pressure building, structured negotiation, and using appropriate leverage techniques to ensure our clients’ interests are realised.

Our team has experience in disputes of the nature detailed below and have achieved many positive outcomes for our clients.

Our Services

  • Partnership Dispute
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Land Co-owner Disputes
  • Unit Holder Disputes
  • Joint Venture Disputes

Results for Clients

  • Acting for joint venture partners in a development after default of the third partner. This involved us exercising redemption options against the third partner as well as successfully recovering all of the $12,000,000.00 in secured loans and equity from the venture plus all of our client’s legal costs.
  • Acting for a partner in an export partnership with over $20,000,000.00 turnover per annum in a quasi-dissolution. This saw our client successfully recover his full equity in the partnership, defeating restraints of trade, and going on to open a successful operation in his own right.
  • Acting for a partner in respect of Supreme Court proceedings by which the existence of the partnership between him and four others was denied. The matter was resolved on the basis of Consent Orders acknowledging the existence of the partnership, our client’s entitlement to share in the assets of the partnership, and the other partners paid our client’s costs.
  • Acting for a shareholder in obtaining orders from the Supreme Court obliging his co-shareholder to buy him out of his share in the company at an independently valued amount.

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