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Buying or selling an agricultural property isn’t quite the same as buying land in a residential area and it’s a mistake to approach the conveyance process as if it were.  

Key Considerations

Our agribusiness lawyers have the experience to identify issues before they cost you money.

In addition to the mechanics of this sort of purchase (there are usually two contracts which must be dealt with contemporaneously – one for the land and another for the machinery, any stock, and plant and equipment – plus the transfer of water allocations is a separate process to the sale which must happen at the same time), there is also a long list of items which should be checked during the due diligence process, including:

  • Zoning
  • GST Exemption
  • Ownership Structure
  • Bio-security
  • Contamination
  • Vegetation Management/Nature Conservation
  • Boundary Issues
  • Native Title Approvals
  • Roads and Stock Routes
  • Ministerial Consent
  • Freehold/Leasehold

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Results for Clients

  • Completing due diligence inquiries in relation to the purchase of a $40 million pastoral allocation and cattle herd exceeding 40,000 head.
  • Acting for the seller in the disposal of a $2.5 million chicken farm, including the sale of farmland, business and water allocation. The sale was structured as two separate contracts with contemporaneous completion dates.
  • Acting in the sale of an organic farming property and business, which included the sale of water allocations and licenses as well as advising on vendor financing terms, security arrangements, and the effects of the Personal Property Securities Act.
  • Acting for a corporation in the disposal of $3 million in complex mixed crocodile farming assets to a multi-national corporation.
  • Acting for a family partnership in the lease and acquisition of cattle property aggregation for a total consideration of $8 million.
  • Acting for a multi-national corporation in the acquisition of a mixed breeding and fattening property and heard for a total consideration of $11 million.
  • Acting in the sale and/or purchase of over 20 cane farming businesses.

The bush presents a set of unique challenges when it comes to the conveyancing process. Preston Law has the experience to guide you through the red tape.  

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