Commercial Lease Dispute Lawyers

Lease Disputes

If you are having a dispute in respect of a lease, our commercial law team can help.

Our commercial lawyers have extensive experience in handling lease disputes for landlords and tenants in all types of commercial real estate, including:

  • Recovery of rent;
  • Termination of leases and recovery of possession;
  • Interpretation disputes over rent;
  • Disputes regarding outgoings;
  • Signage disputes;
  • Maintenance disputes;
  • Incentive agreement disputes; and
  • Market review disputes.

Results for clients

  • Acting for a landlord in successfully terminating and re-taking possession of premises occupied by a defaulting tenant. After our representation, the tenant paid all overdue payments and then signed a new lease with better conditions for the landlord.
  • Acting for a landlord through arbitration over market review rent. We successfully helped our client defend their position and get a 30% increase in rent from the tenant.
  • Acting for a tenant in resisting a rental arrears claim brought by a landlord on the basis of outgoings provisions. We successfully argued that the outgoings clause in the lease did not cover as much as the landlord claimed.
  • Acting for a tenant in respect of rectification proceedings commenced by the landlord. In the proceedings, our client successfully resisted an attempt by the landlord to broaden the scope of an outgoings clause on the basis of an alleged rectification error.
  • Acting for a landlord in respect of rental arrears and the winding up of a tenant owing in excess of $250,000.00 in rent.
  • Acting for a landlord in the recovery of the tenant’s assets. This process involved ending multiple leases that were connected under a single umbrella arrangement.
  • Recovering $350,000 in rental arrears for a landlord without needing to commence proceedings using security instruments.

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