Local Laws

Our team has been involved in developing, implementing and enforcing Local Laws across Queensland.

We know how important Local Laws are as a tool to ensure things go smoothly for Councils.

Our Services

  • Drafting and implementing full suites of Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws, both based on the Model Local Laws and developing bespoke arrangements;
  • Drafting and implementing Amending Local Laws and Interim Local Laws, often to respond to urgent issues of enforcement or regulation;
  • Providing advice to Council on the implementation and enforcement of existing Local Laws;
  • Preparing forms required under Local Laws;
  • Preparing operations manuals and template enforcement letters to support Council officers in their duties;
  • Prosecuting breaches of Local Laws.

Results for Clients

  • Preparing full suites of local laws for a number of indigenous local governments across north and central Queensland;
  • Substantially amending local laws following significant legislative change for two large regional local governments in north Queensland and southeast Queensland;
  • Minor amendments to local laws for a range of regional and rural local governments throughout Queensland;
  • Frequently providing advice on local law enforcement and enforceability to local governments throughout Queensland.

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