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Published by Preston Law on 11/01/2018

There are many advantages in choosing to work with a local Law Firm that is close to home and familiar with the area that you live in.Not only is a local Lawyer more convenient in terms of travelling and communication, they also possess local knowledge and familiarity with their opponent.Preston Law in Cairns has been helping clients in Cairns and Far North Queensland for many years.Their team of Lawyers have developed strong local connections and longstanding government, business, and community relationships.Here are some reasons why we think a local Law Firm is best!

Local knowledge

If you choose to hire a local Lawyer, you will find that they possess in-depth knowledge of the local area.Local Lawyers also have a good understanding of issues affecting people in the area.Preston Law in Cairns is proud to have been solving the legal problems of the people of Cairns for almost 3 decades.Our Lawyers are all locals to Cairns and we have plenty of knowledge and experience in dealing with legal issues in this beautiful part of the world!


One of the great things about hiring a local Lawyer is that you can develop a relationship with your Lawyer that will outlast a single transaction. This is something that you cannot develop with Lawyers that are located far away and you can only communicate with via email or phone. A healthy relationship with your Lawyer allows you to develop a level of trust and certainty that they will always look after your best interests.

You can benefit from other services they offer

You never know what the future holds….You may think that you’ll never need a Lawyer but the unexpected can happen and you may find yourself in need of legal advice and help perhaps more than once.One of the many benefits of choosing a local Law Firm is that you can benefit from some of the other services that the firm offers.Preston Law provides a full range of legal services and advice including Family Law, Personal Injury, Workplace Relations and Employment Law, Commercial Disputes and Litigation, Conveyancing, Insolvency, Agribusiness, Mining Law and Wills and Estate Planning. 


If you choose to work with local Lawyers, you will benefit from the convenience of their location.Preston Law is located centrally in the Cairns City, making them really accessible and convenient for their clients. 

Chances are, at some stage in your life, you will find yourself in need of a Lawyer.Our advice is to always choose a Law Firm that is local to your area.If you are in Cairns, contact us at Preston Law.We have plenty of experience and legal expertise in a full range of legal services. Contact Preston Law today ph 4052 0700

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