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Published by Preston Law on 16/08/2018

Now that you’ve made the decision and found the law firm that seems best suited to your needs, it’s time to engage their services. Very often this arises under stressful circumstances, and maybe you are looking for assistance and legal advice in a difficult situation. However, meeting with your chosen lawyer can also be a stress ‘preventer’, for example, in estate planning, you are actually preparing for the future and avoiding difficult times.

There are some things that you can do to make the first meeting with your chosen lawyer a little more relaxed and not so stressful. Like many things in life, It’s all about the preparation:

1. Notes and questions

Set aside some quiet time beforehand to think about the purpose of the meeting and try to focus on what you would like to achieve. Detail the facts of the matter and write down in point form what has happened and all the relevant factors. Include the questions that you would like to ask your lawyer. This might seem quite unnecessary and straightforward but it’s amazing how often we forget little points or obvious questions when we’re on the spot and time may be limited. It also means that you have answers at hand when your lawyer has questions for you.

2. Paperwork and information

You may have been asked to provide paperwork before the scheduled meeting, if this is the case, make sure that you have emailed or posted the relevant documents well in advance, this ensures that your lawyer is as prepared as possible to meet with you and in turn you will receive the maximum benefit from your time together. In addition to this, bring along as much helpful information as you can, e.g., names and contact details of anyone involved in your case; contracts, medical records or bills; insurance policies, or other related documents that could be useful for lawyers.

3. Honesty and directness

Be honest with yourself about your expectations of the meeting and your case – what do you hope to achieve with legal assistance? It is vital that you be also honest and upfront with the lawyer, after all, you have chosen them to represent and help you. It can seem awkward and embarrassing in some cases to outline all the facts, and it can be tempting to gloss over or alter some parts to make things ‘sound’ better in front of lawyers. However, if you want the best outcome, it is advisable to engage a policy of 100% honesty when dealing with your chosen lawyer. They are on your side and will work with you to ensure that you get appropriate legal advice and the best outcome for your situation.

Your chosen law firm should make you feel welcome, reassured and important from the minute that you call to make your first appointment, regardless of your situation.

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