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Published by Preston Law on 03/10/2019

Our role as family lawyers is to assist our clients to resolve their legal matters.  Whatever a family law matter involves we have a duty to efficiently resolve a client’s legal issues in a cost-effective manner.  In order to do this effectively, we must narrow down the legal issues in each matter before applying the law to advise on the likely outcome should a matter be determined by the Court. 

To advise and act objectively we always approach matters from a legal perspective.  This enables us to provide suitable advice to our clients which will be of much greater assistance than if we were to adopt the position our client has towards the matter and the other party.  When lawyers and parties are not able to consider a family law matter from an objective point of view the parties (along with any children involved) will almost always be negatively impacted both emotionally and financially by being engaged in an unnecessarily lengthy process to resolve their matter.  

The Courts are critical of parties and their lawyers who become entrenched in the conflict between parties which is often evident through the correspondence exchange between lawyers.  Our role is not to be a mere mouthpiece of our clients and end up adding fuel to the fire that arises from a separation.  It is our role to reality-check our clients when necessary and ensure that they understand their position in consideration of the law.   

We take a calm, commercial and empathetic approach in advising our clients so they can make well-considered decisions that are not based on emotion.  Our clients regularly thank us for the calm, rational approach we have taken to resolve their legal matters in a timely manner.      

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