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Published by Preston Law on 05/06/2019

Proposed legislative changes were introduced into the Queensland Parliament on 1 May 2019.

The Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 2 of Belcarra) and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 was introduced on 1 May 2019. Some key provisions are:

Conflict of interest

  • to constitute a prescribed conflict of interest – gifts or loans to a councillor during a term need to total $2,000.00 or more;
  • calculations of gifts and loans to a group of councillors or a political party are to be based on the total gifts and loans divided by the number of candidates


  • Amendments to the current councillor complaints system to streamline investigations where alleged corrupt or inappropriate conduct of a local government employee is linked to alleged corrupt conduct of a councillor

Caretaker period

  • Inclusion of additional decisions into the prohibited category during a caretaker period

Councillors’ Register of Interest

  • Introduction of new requirements to align with the requirements which apply to State Members of Parliament

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