I Don’t Live In Cairns – Can I Still Use A Cairns Lawyer?

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Published by Preston Law on 23/04/2018

Living in a remote area sometimes means you don’t have as many choices as people in the city.This is particularly evident when it comes to professional legal services such as lawyers.Fortunately, modern technology means you aren’t restricted to lawyers within a couple of hours drive. 

You can engage a lawyer in Cairns even if you live 10 hours away and you may just get a better result by doing so. The only thing you should be aware of is that the lawyer you engage should be authorised to practice law in the State in which you matter is based (i.e. if you are buying a house in Darwin, you should engage a Northern Territory lawyer to assist you). 

Other than that, you should have absolutely no problems in hiring a Cairns lawyer to handle your legal matters.Whilst it can be helpful to live within easy reach of your lawyer, technology means lawyers can now have Skype or Facetime meetings with their clients and documents can be sent over email or DropBox.

It will be just as efficient and the standard of communication will be just as high as if you were able to regularly meet with your lawyer in person.

In fact, communication technology is now so reliable that Courts across Australia allow parties to appear at Hearings via phone or video chat. 

Whilst you may prefer to meet with your lawyer in person, it may be worth considering a Cairns Lawyer if you are looking for someone with legal experience in a specific area.You can always make an appointment and see your lawyer if you will be in town – some people prefer to meet and assess their lawyer before engaging them to act and then handle all legal matters via phone or email from that point on. 

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