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Published by Preston Law on 28/06/2024

Often people are unsure about engaging lawyers and the workings of the law in general. They can be apprehensive about the actual processes and the financial and emotional costs involved.

However, solicitors are professionals, highly trained and experienced in the law and their job is to steer us through the minefield of legal issues. Their expertise and advice can actually save money, time and emotional disruption.

In Cairns, we need lawyers in many common scenarios – buying and selling properties, writing a will, setting up a business and other commercial situations. To manage our legal issues without the help and advice of a professional could lead to a costly experience, both emotionally and financially.

But finding the right lawyer in Cairns can feel like a daunting task, where do you begin? And how can you find someone that you can trust?

Past Experience

If you have used a lawyer before and you have been pleased with their advice and services, that’s great. You may need a different kind of expertise this time, but they should be able to recommend a colleague in the same firm or someone that they know in Cairns to help you. Lawyers are likely to recommend another professional based on their reputation in legal circles and results achieved for clients. However, they will be less likely to consider commercial factors, like cost and availability, as part of their recommendation.

Your Network

If you have a friend, family member or good acquaintance that is a lawyer, you may feel more comfortable engaging the services of someone that you know and who knows you. But be prepared, often lawyers prefer to keep things strictly business and choose not to get involved in legal cases concerning friends or family. In this case, they should be able to give you a good recommendation for an appropriate lawyer.


The best way to get sound referrals is from someone that you trust. This could be a close friend or family member, someone who may have had a similar legal requirement to you. You can even consult with other professional advisors whose opinion you trust, such as your accountant or financial advisor.

The Experts

The Queensland Law Society website also provides a referral list and system that can help find a suitable lawyer near you.

The internet, local papers, and phone directories all provide an abundance of advertising to help you find potential lawyers names and identify who specialises in the field of law that you require. It is essential to bear in mind however that paid advertising is not the same as personal recommendations.

Time to choose

After you have compiled a small list of local lawyers, arrange to meet with them face to face in their law office to discuss your requirements and situation. Make sure to check beforehand if there is a fee for this initial meeting, don’t assume that it is automatically free of charge!

Once you have met someone that makes you feel comfortable but can also satisfy your legal requirements, it’s time to ask them for a fee and time estimate. If this quote seems appropriate to you and you are happy with the process outlined, then you have found the right lawyer.

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