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Published by Preston Law on 14/02/2019

When you need a lawyer it pays to be careful and to do your research, rather than simply calling the first name in the phonebook.  Cairns lawyers are some of the best in Queensland, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Some have more experience in certain areas than others, and some literally have more experience! The nature of your problem will, to some degree, dictate the type of lawyer you need, but selecting the best Cairns lawyers requires a certain degree of research.

After all, if you are looking for a lawyer, you want to be certain you are getting the right advice. If you are in the market for a top lawyer in Cairns, here are a few tips to help you make your decision.

  1. Ask around your network: Cairns lawyers often perform a variety of work, so it’s likely that someone in your network of friends, neighbours, relatives and work colleagues have engaged legal services for the same reason as you at one time or another. Their good opinion of a law firm can be a big reason to give them a call.
  2. Other Queensland lawyers: If you have used the services of lawyers somewhere else in Queensland, but now need the services of lawyers local to Cairns, asking for a referral makes sense. Legal circles are fairly small and they can generally recommend someone suitable.
  3. Contact the Queensland Law Society: This is an easy way to obtain a list of lawyers in your area with the experience you require. Of course, the Law Society won’t be able to recommend specific legal firms, but the previous two steps should help you to finetune your choices.
  4. Make an Appointment: When you have whittled your list down to two or three Cairns lawyers, set up an appointment so that you can make sure you and your lawyer will be able to work together. Ask about their experience, their time in practice and success rates, their fees and any additional costs.

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