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Published by Preston Law on 14/08/2017

If you’re lucky, you’ve gone through life without ever needing a lawyer…. but then something unexpected happens! Sooner or later, everyone needs legal representation at some stage in their life. Finding the best lawyer for the job can be daunting, so I’ve put together a few tips to help you find a lawyer to suit you and your needs.


Word of mouth is a really good way to learn about the best people in the business. Speak to people whose judgment you trust. This could be from another professional in Cairns such as an accountant or a friend who has had similar issues. Remember to keep in mind that referrals can be biased. Look for a lawyer that has a reputation for honesty and professionalism. Preston Law in Cairns is trusted for quality legal advice in both public and private sectors as well as for individuals and families. They have been representing people in Cairns since 1991.

Meet a few different lawyers

This will help you to separate the good from the bad and to compare different lawyers.

Points to discuss with potential lawyers:

1. Fees. When you meet with a prospective lawyer, discuss fees. Do they charge per hour or do they offer fixed fee options? Preston Law in Cairns offers a range of fixed fee, deferred, and staged payment options to suit your budget.

2. Experience. Is the lawyer’s experience and background compatible with your legal needs? There are many different ares of law and each area is very specific. You need to find a lawyer with experience in your specific area. Preston Law offers a range of legal services in Cairns and surrounding areas. They have been solving legal problems for the people of Cairns for almost three decades. They have developed a reputation in Cairns for being professional, experienced and approachable.

3. Knowledge. It is important to find a lawyer that has the knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome for you. You need a lawyer that has knowledge of the local Cairns area. Our team are all locals and, as a result, possess an in-depth understanding of our region and the issues which affect our clients. 

4. Results. The firm should have a strong track record of producing acceptable results for its clients. You can enquire about past cases that the firm have dealt with. You can also talk to other people about their experiences with the firm.

5. Relationships. Does the firm take a relationship, rather than a transactional, approach to working with its peers, clients and referrers? This works better for all involved over the longer term and you will get to spend time with people you know, like and trust.

If you are looking for a lawyer in Cairns, have a look at Preston Law. They offer a full-range of services including:
* Family Law
* Personal Injury
* Workplace Relations and Employment Law
* Commercial Disputes and Litigation
* Conveyancing
* Insolvency
* Agribusiness
* Mining Law
* Wills and Estate Planning

Preston Law is one of the largest firms in Regional Queensland. They offer professional legal advice and have the knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome for you.

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