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Published by Preston Law on 27/09/2017

Business lawyers provide legal services to small and medium sized businesses. Anyone that owns a business in Cairns or is thinking about owning a business needs to know how a lawyer can help them.

Why business owners need a Lawyer

There are hundreds of laws for businesses that need to be followed and each industry has its own particular regulations and rules. Most small business owners are unaware of all the laws and legal requirements involved. There are federal laws and laws for each state, that, at times, can overlap or even contradict each other. Difficulty can arise because these laws are constantly evolving and changing. This can suddenly cause a business owner to be out of compliance even though the business itself has not changed! Many people struggle to keep track of these laws and their changes, which is why hiring a lawyer is important.

A business owner does not necessarily need to be involved in a dispute to need a lawyer. A lawyer can help in the formation of a business, the sale of a business and everything in between. A lawyer can help protect all those involved in various business transactions to stop disputes before they start.

Examples of how a business lawyer can help:

  • A lawyer can assist with the lease of property for office space.
  • Lawyers will endeavour to protect the interests of the business owner when dealing with a range of contracts with vendors, clients, employees, and government.
  • Business lawyers can help in the event of a breach of contract.
  • Lawyers can help with the collection of unpaid invoices/debt
  • In the event of a business dispute, a business lawyer can help protect clients as individuals and business entities.

Not hiring a lawyer can be a costly mistake

Not hiring a business Lawyer to handle the legal side of things can end up being a costly mistake. The best way to ensure things are done correctly and according to the law is to hire a business lawyer. Some common mistakes made by business owners who try to do everything themselves include:

  • Not accurately checking the pre-settlement documents.
  • Signing something that could be detrimental to your business.
  • Failure to transfer a liquor license
  • Not organising a health inspection prior to settlement.

Preston Law can help

At Preston Law in Cairns, we understand how complicated it can be running a business. Thats why we offer expert legal advice and support to Cairns clients when and where they need it. We are experts in business and commercial law, including dispute resolution and litigation. Our strong local connections and longstanding government, business, and community relationships mean that we have a genuine focus on producing value and positive outcomes for our clients. You can depend on Preston Law and our lawyers to protect and promote your interests, not just in Cairns, but nationally, and internationally.

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