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Published by Preston Law on 15/01/2018

Most people living in Cairns rely on being able to drive themselves from place to place.Whether it’s getting to work, dropping the kids off at school or driving to appointments, most people rely on their ability to drive themselves around.If you have ever faced the possibility of losing your drivers license, you will understand how much stress this can put on you and your lifestyle.Losing your driver’s license can have costly consequences as it can affect some peoples ability to work and earn money!

If you find yourself under suspicion or facing the loss of your driver’s license, you need expert legal advice immediately!Loss of your driver’s licence, even for a short period, can seriously impact your life, family, and work.Preston Law in Cairns can help you to navigate the legal maze to arrive at the best possible result for you and your family. Our Lawyers have been providing legal advice and representation to Cairns Locals for many years and we want to help you!

What can Preston Law help me with?

Preston Law in Cairns has a team of experienced Lawyers that provide legal representation and support to ensure that you get the best possible outcome!Our Lawyers can provide legal advice on traffic, licence and other driving offences relating to:

  • alcohol or drug-affected driving
  • driving while unlicensed
  • driving an unregistered or uninsured vehicle
  • dangerous driving
  • road rage offences
  • minor and major vehicle defect notices
  • detention, impounding, and forfeiture of vehicles.

How will Preston Law Help?

At Preston Law, we are proud to provide expert legal advice and representation to all of our clients.We help you to make your best case to minimise penalties, fines and disqualification periods.Having one of our Lawyers represent you will save you a lot of time, money and stress.Some of our services include:

  • advising of potential penalties, disqualification periods, and fines
  • obtaining expert reports, if required, including pharmacological and crash investigation reports
  • appearing with you and representing you in court to defend or appeal traffic or licence offences.

How much will it cost to hire a Lawyer?

Lawyers tend to have a reputation for being really expensive and costly to hire.At Preston Law, we understand that this concerns many people, which is why we offer a range of fixed fee, deferred, and staged payment options to suit your budget.Although hiring a Lawyer is initially going to cost you some money, in the long term, hiring a Lawyer will actually save you money!

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