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Published by Preston Law on 11/12/2017

We all know that legal fees can add up! Like any professional service, hiring a Lawyer in Cairns will cost you money. The good news is that some Law Firms have listened to their clients.At Preston Law in Cairns, we offer a range of fixed fee, deferred, and staged payment options to suit your budget.While hiring a Lawyer will cost you money, having an experienced, knowledgeable Lawyer to represent you and give you advice on legal matters can save you money in the long term

There are a number of ways that you can reduce legal fees.Here are some suggestions:

1. Come to meetings well prepared!

If you prepare yourself before a meeting with your Lawyer, you are more likely to have a quick, efficient and productive meeting.Most Lawyers charge by the hour so if you save time for your Lawyer, you will save yourself money. Check with your Lawyer before a meeting if there is any documentation that you need to bring in.Make sure you bring everything that you need with you and be punctual!

2. Be honest with your Lawyer

Sometimes it can be difficult to be honest about something that you may be embarrassed about.Try to put any embarrassment aside and remain honest with your Lawyer at all times.Your Lawyer is there to help you and give you advice. They can only do this is they know the truth.If you hide important information, it may end up costing you both time and money!

3. Prepare for phone calls

Before you contact your Lawyer, consider what you wish to discuss and make notes.Get any paperwork that you may need ready.These simple steps will save you time when talking to your Lawyer.If your Lawyer charges you by the hour, then this will save you money and reduce your legal fee’s!

At Preston Law in Cairns, we offer a number of payment options including fixed fee, deferred, and staged payment options.We find that our clients appreciate the certainty and peace of mind knowing what to expect in terms of legal fees. There are no hidden costs and all of our fees are set our clearly at the beginning of your matter. 

If you are looking for a Lawyer in Cairns, take the time to discuss their fee schedule with them.Find out if fixed fees are an option, or if not follow our advice on how to keep your fees to a minimum.

Our friendly team of Lawyers at Preston Law will help you with your legal matter and offer expert advice.

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