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Clients facing disputes or litigation come to Preston Law.

With a proven track record of resolving commercial disputes, we negotiate favourable outcomes for clients and avoid damaging and lengthy court cases through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and mediation.

If you need court representation, our lawyers effectively manage the litigation process. We act for clients in the Magistrates, District, Supreme and Federal Courts, the High Court of Australia, and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Our services

Our lawyers capably handle commercial disputes and litigation involving:

  • commercial contract disputes
  • commercial property disputes
  • construction law disputes
  • consumer protection claims
  • debt recovery
  • insurance claims
  • Corporations Act litigation
  • Competition and Consumer Act disputes
  • judicial reviews

Contact us for the right advice to resolve your commercial dispute.

Results for clients

  • Acting for a family corporation taking proceedings against one of the big four banks in the Queensland Supreme Court for breaches of s52 of the Trade Practices Act (now the Competition and Consumer Act). We recovered in excess of $2M in compensation for our client.
  • Acting for joint venture partners in development venture following the default by the third joint venture parnter. This assignment saw us exercising redemption options against the joint venture partner along with successfully recovering 100% of the $12 million in secured loans and equity from the venture and all of our client’s legal costs.
  • Acting for a tablelands family farming partnership as a fourth party in a nine party action in the Federal Court where damages in excess of $10 million were sought for breach of Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act. The action was resolved in favour of our client and 100% indemnity was subsequently recovered from our client’s insurer.
  • Acting for a mining company in enforcing security and performance under a joint venture agreement resulting in a settlement exceeding $5 million.
  • Acting for land owners in resisting a specific performance action brought by a property developer. The proceedings were successfully resisted at the trial in the Supreme Court and on appeal in the Queensland Court of Appeal.
  • Acting for a Corporation in proceedings against a landlord seeking in excess of $2 million in damages.
  • Acting for a partner in an export partnership turning over in excess of $20 million a year in a quasi dissolution. This assignment saw our client successfully recover his full equity in the partnership, defeating restraints of trade and going on to open a successful operation in his own right.

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