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Published by Preston Law on 04/02/2022

Up to $5,000 is available to victims of Domestic Violence through the Federal Government ‘Escaping Violence payment Program’.

In October 2021, the Federal Government announced a new payment available to victims of domestic violence as part of their commitment to helping end violence against women and children.

The new program will run for two years and is open to anyone who is experiencing violence or threatening behaviour from their partner, including:

  1. Physical or sexual abuse;
  2. Emotional, spiritual, psychological or verbal abuse;
  3. Economic abuse;
  4. Threatening behaviour; and
  5. Coercive or controlling /dominating behaviour.

Victims of domestic violence who are wanting to leave an abusive partner, or, have recently left an abusive partner, may be eligible to receive under the new program the following:

  1. Up to $1,500 in vouchers for essential items;
  2. Payment of goods and services, for example, removalist fees, payment of bond or purchase of basics for a home; and
  3. Additional non-financial support from a caseworker.

The program is aimed to facilitate victims of domestic violence, who are often in financial distress, to leave an abusive relationship.

To be eligible, evidence will need to be provided as to domestic violence in the relationship as well as the financial need for assistance.

The program in Queensland is being delivered by Uniting Care, for more information call 1800 875 559.  For advice relating to domestic violence, including applying for a Domestic Violence Protection Order, book an initial free consultation with one of our family lawyers.

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